The quick and easy answer to “Who is F6?” is simply: Six individuals, who share a passion for filmmaking and a love for creativity – all of whom, met during their college career. But F6 is so much more than that.
The actual name, “F-6”, came from a school issued apartment, not far off from campus, which was assigned to one of the six members. It was a place that allowed for easy shoots, conversing, and honestly, some pretty great parties.
Here were six students who had the same classes, helped one another on the same projects, and shared in the occasional venting over how ridiculous something might be. It only made since that they all became close friends – each with their own type of love for filmmaking. So what started off as an address soon became a title and a name attached to people who made films. (The fact that there are six members in F6 is merely coincidental – what are the odds though!)
To some of us, F6 is a place to be creative and grow amongst other talented individuals doing something we all love. To others it’s a place where we finally fit in and feel apart of something big – even after spending three years in multiple chairs, in multiple rooms, going over various topics and having not once had a real connection with people – most of whom looked down on you for whatever reason while they rode their high horses down the hall and you stand there feeling as though you have no other choice but to go home and work on your projects alone…but I digress.
This a group of people who made their name by always being there to help others with projects and putting out some entertaining work themselves. The world is filled with storytellers and here, before you, are six of the best that you could ever find. If you don’t believe me, put them to the test.